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Automatic Nail Remover Steamer EU Plug

Automatic Nail Remover Steamer EU Plug

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Steam Off Nail Steamer Nail Remover Automatic Nail Remover Intelligent Nail Steamer EU Plug

  1. Voltage AC 110V 50 60 Hz
  2. Power cord length 1 5 meters
  3. Product size lower width 173 mm upper width 145 mm
  4. Function can remove all nail polish
  5. One clicks operation is not bothersome the remaining water for removing nails does not need to be poured repeated use saves and is environmentally friendly
  6. Steam nail remover skin does not need to soak the nail remover water directly which is convenient and does not harm the skin
  7. No need to remove armour like traditional package easy to use
  8. How to use Insert the power supply pour 5 ml of nail remover water press the switch button wait for the green light to light up insert the finger that needs to be removed wait 5 minutes wait for the last completion light to light up pull out the finger and finally Remove the nail polish with a wooden stick and the nail removal is completed
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