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Tripple Coffee Table Set Modern Round 3 Piece Coffee Table

Tripple Coffee Table Set Modern Round 3 Piece Coffee Table

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Introducing the Tripple Coffee Table Set - a contemporary and versatile ensemble designed to elevate your living space. Immerse yourself in the features of this coffee table set thoughtfully crafted to combine modern aesthetics with practical functionality.

Key Features: 3 Piece Coffee Table Set Style Meets Versatility. Optimal Dimensions With a depth of 450mm and a width of 450mm, the Coffee Tables strike an ideal balance between style and practicality. Their compact design ensures versatility allowing you to arrange them in various configurations to suit your living room layout.

Variable Heights - The set includes three tables with heights ranging from 400mm to 500mm providing you with options to create dynamic and visually appealing arrangements.

This variability adds a touch of creativity to your living space.

Engineered Wood Construction Crafted from high quality engineered wood, the coffee tables offer both durability and a sleek aesthetic. Engineered wood ensures a stable and reliable foundation for your living room essentials 17mm Top Board Thickness.

The top boards of the Coffee Tables boast a substantial thickness of 17mm providing a robust and stable surface for your decor beverages or reading materials.

This thickness adds to the table's durability and longevity 0 8mm, PVC Edging. The inclusion of 0 8mm PVC edging enhances the durability of the coffee tables while providing a polished finish.

This edging protects against potential damage and reinforces the edges for long lasting performance, 0 8mm Steel Frame. 

In the Box Tripple Coffee Table Set Assembly instructions

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